Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol – welcome to my website

While settling down in the UK I already knew that God will allow me to realize my hobbies. I was always interested in the branches of Art  such as music and painting. Already as a student I was singing for Agricultural University`s Choir in Lublin.  In Peterborough along with my beloved wife Iwona and my friend Zbigniew Brzuszek, we set up a choir, part of which we are even today. It is called Cantus Polnicum. After my university studies I used to draw numerous garden projects. At that point I realised that
I enjoy painting. It fascinates me how through art you can draw positive reactions out of other people. Person who looks at my pictures has to react. It is my aim – to trigger a reaction, to force people to imagine what the painter wanted to tell through the painting. This drive to take action has been noticed by the respectable board members of Peterborough`s Art Society of which I am a member.

I encourage to have a look at my paintings. To conclude I would like to say that there
is a massive difference between viewing the picture on the computer screen and looking at it hanging on the wall. I wish you the best experiences.